Cheers to everyone that came to say hi at the bunfight today, managed to sign lots of you up to the emails which should be going out shortly. To all that signed up to try it you might like it you should have received an email already with details, have a great time on the water!

To anyone that didn’t sign up throw your email in the box to the right >>>

3 inches, and he happened to play professional football

Philadelphia Eagles versus my nonprofessional, short lived college career of soccer. He is a diehard Eagles fanatic and I just happen to be a Raider fan that bleeds black and silver. (Although my boys have had some tough seasons, I still stand behind them; Go Raiders!) Vince lives in New Jersey and I’m a California girl who enjoys the beautiful weather and crazy drivers of my grand state.

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In that case, finish setting your lineup for the year and “lock your team”. By “lock your team” I mean commit to the concept of no more drops, no more adds, no more lineup adjustments, and no more especially no more trades. The following paragraphs explain why each of these commitments are important..

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Hello Windsurfers!
The highlight of last week had to be the incredible social we hosted on thursday! So many people worked really hard to put that on so a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in that. James and Lucy we love you especially for volunteering. The night was a huge success, a hideous number of shots were consumed on the door and the BBQ kept everyone’s munchies at bay until we were ready to go and unleash an incredible amount of SUWC love on the jesters dancefloor (yes you know who you are…all 10 of you!).


Beginner Trips
Intermediate trips
AUSSIE KISS 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Beginner Trips

The beginner trip is already full this week so well done to those of you who were quick and signed up in the meeting.

However if you want to change email Jamie at joaten@hotmail.co.uk and he’ll have a go at swapping things around for you.
2. Intermediate trips

There is wind this week and its got our advanced windsurfers all excited however they have no transport this week and so can’t get to the coast. If you have got a car and fancy a sesh in some glorious wind and waves then please let Ollie (op1g10@soton.ac.uk) know cos he’d love to arrange some car sharing. Especially if you’re going to the East Witterings which look awesome this week.

3. Membership

If you haven’t paid SUWC membership and still need to (particularly if you’re going to Aussie Kiss) then get in touch with Kai (kb17g09@soton.ac.uk) he’ll let you know when and where you can catch him before the weekend.

4. AUSSIE KISS 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, its the weekend you’ve all been waiting for!! Aussie Kiss is nearly here and we’re so excited!!
On Friday we’re planning on meeting up at 6pm on concourse (outside stags). Please try and turn up on time as we’ll aim to set off as soon as the last member arrives. If you’re not sure what to turn up with on that fateful evening then here’s a rough guide:

Fancy dress – x-ray theme so you’ll need to get to work on a skeletal creation some time this week.
BOOZE (and a fair amount of that will want to come on the mini bus with you, but please bring it on board as subtly as possible (paps by decanting into coke bottles or keeping in plastic bags etc) as we aren’t technically allowed to drive busses full of drunk windsurfers about…)
Munchies! Snacks and meals for the weekend. You will be given breakfast both days just for being awesome but when it comes to lunch and supper you need to fend for yourself. Don’t stress about this too much though, bring what you can and there will probably be an opportunity to go visit a supermarket once we’re down there. We often cook in the caravans on the Saturday night but this year there are unconfirmed rumours about the possibility of a hog roast that evening (rumoured to be £5/person) so we might be able to get involved with that. Don’t worry about food on Friday night, we’ll stop off at a service station and utterly dominate its food court.
Sleeping bag
Towel and Wetsuit

There will be a kit sale at some point over the weekend. So if you’ve got something you want to sell then get in touch with James and he’ll let you know if we can squeeze it on the bus with us.

We are currently juggling transport logistics for getting down to AK. If you are planning on driving your own car down OR if you are able to drive a mini bus please get in touch with James at jk10g10@soton.ac.uk or call him on 07792349503, that would be great.

If you have any other questions about AK2011 then just give James a shout (his email address is in the paragraph above) cos he’s super excited and wants everyone else to be too 🙂

Thats it for this week. I hope all those dedicated partiers had a great time getting covered in foam in their neon finery at Sobar last night supporting the surf soc, but most of all I hope that this weekend is MASSIVE!!

Lots of love from your super keen sexretary,
Clare x x

Ladies and gentlemen

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With Drew’s leadership, The Saints managed to win all of their first 13 games of the season. They appeared unstoppable. Suddenly, they lost three games in a row. California legislators took action, ensuring professional cheerleaders get workers’ compensation and other benefits, and New York legislators introduced a similar bill.USA TODAY SPORTS WIREUSA TODAY Sports Super Bowl 50 picksA pending suit against the Buffalo Bills could force NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to testify. The NFL isthedefendant, but Goodell’s signature is on a contract stipulating that the Bills’ cheerleaders, the Jills, are not to be paid for performing at games.”It’s like you see with any exploited group,” said Hina Shah, director of the Women’s Employment Rights Clinic at Golden Gate College in San Francisco. “Once they understand what their rights are, they become empowered to do something about it.”The fight began in 1995, when the Jills won the right to Wholesale Discount NFL Jerseys China unionize after the National Labor Relations Board ruled the cheerleaders were not independent contractors, but rather team employees.