Committee 2013/14

Filip Markiewicz
Position: President
Years Windsurfing: 4
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing: planing… simples
Goals for the Year: convince the world that I am not a full retard… in windsurfing and in general…
Story Time: after watching a documentary about the nutritional value of grass for cows, I walked outside and feasted on grass for an hour…


George Tuckey575692_10200861474600144_1334067063_n
Years Windsurfing: 5, 1 season in Greece
Favourite Aspects of Windsurfing:
When I nail a move I can never do in front of people who are better than me, teaching the beginners and the smug feeling of gybing around Oli.
Goals for the Year: Moves wise: planing tack and Vulcan. Club wise: SUWC domination at SWA events, organise sweet stash and the greatest ever Club Trip to Dahab!
                                                                        Story Time: Go Big or Go Home.


Oli Hampden-Martin
Position: Treasurer
Years Windsurfing: 5, 2 seasons teaching in Mallorca & Vietnam
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing: Finding new spots to windsurf around the world, and of course going faster than your mates on the water…
Goals for the Year: To master the duck gybe!
Story Time: I got bitten by shark; I have the scar to prove it….


Emma Bakeremma
Position: Secretary
Years Windsurfing:  1
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing: Light-wind Freestyleeeeee! And the wicked feeling when I get something right!
Goals for the Year: Get into the foot-straps and harness and go on another amazing club holiday! Also, enter a race in the SWA nationals.
Story Time: I’m a sailor who has been converted because windsurfing is amazlingly awesome!


Hamish Munro-Faure947175_10200492174060641_2125364677_n
Beginner Rep
Years of Windsurfing: Quite a few…
Goal for the Year: To make sure the club fresher's have an enjoyable experience and join the windsurfing club!
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing:
Teaching Nana everything he knows.
Story Time: I have never been on a windsurfing trip without bringing my book with me. You know, just in case.




Nana O. K. Abankwa
Beginner Rep
Years Windsurfing: 1 year
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing: Planing and watching Hamish’s light-wind freestyle
Goals for the Year: Get as many freshers on every Wednesday session regardless of the weather. i.e. rain, snow, 2 knots…
Story Time: Men were men before harnesses


Charlie Gilmancharlie gilman
Position: Social Sex
Years Windsurfing: 8, 3 seasons teaching in Cornwall
Favourite Aspect of Windsurfing: Getting to share the water with the one and only ‘Ben BW Page.’
Goals for the Year: Spend plenty of time with Team Fresher in a sunny, windy and wavy place to really see what the worst that could happen is…
Story Time: Windsurfing in wet suit boots is like having sex with a condom on.


John Hamilton
Position: Social Secretary
Years Windsurfing: One, with a season abroad included.
Favorite Aspect of Windsurfing: The fact that you will never master it, there are always new moves to learn.
Goals for the Year: Induce liver failure in at least one fresher, also learn to push-loop (how hard can it be). Have a romantic holiday abroad with Team Fresher.
Story Time: I have injured myself windsurfing in about 11 knots of wind, I dislocated my thumb!


Ben PageBen
Position: Events Rep
Years Windsurfing: Nine
Favourite Part of Windsurfing: The new move feeling when you land something for the first time. Also crashing, the bigger the better!
Goals for the Year: Not lose or kill anyone at any of the SWA events. Crack pushloops and backloops and get better at freestyle. Go for at least two months without breaking some item of windsurfing equipment.
Storytime: I once went on a Neilson holiday and broke so much kit that they lost money on me being there. I won the SWA wave series without ever actually sailing a wave board.

Ben is sponsored by Andy Biggs Water sports, NWF and RRD. Read his blog here