Committee 2012/13

El Presidente – Oliver “lanky” Short

Don’t let his ginger beard put you off, he is no newbie on committee; after his reign last year being the know-it-all Bosun, Ollie is now our beloved President!

Vice-Pres – Hannah Briggs

After training all us beginners up last year into the windsurfers we are today, Miss Briggs has not fled our amazing club yet and is sharing her SUWC wisdom as VP this year. No problem is a problem with Hannah the wonderwoman Briggs around! (Important Note: she is also our unofficial cake extraordinaire, don’t miss ANY chance to try a Hannah cupcake!!)

Sexretary – Harriet Young

She puts the seeexxxx into Secretary, our beautiful Harriet is all about organising our schedule so you know just where to be so you won’t miss out on anything our fantastic club has to offer! She’ll be sending you weekly emails after the Monday meetings recapping everything that’s going on that week and our weekend trips so keep a look out for those colourful letters!

Treasurer – James Kirk

Mr Money Man will be looking after all your glorious cash this year and spending it oh-so wisely on ways to make our club better than ever! 

Bosun РJarrod Zancanella

Riding into his THIRD year on committee, Jarrod cannot get enough of SUWC! He’ll make sure you’re kitted out for whatever your windsurfing needs: be it wetsuits, sails, boards, masts, booms, boots, lifevests, rashvests, you can count on our Bermudan Bosun to sort you out. One final word of warning: whatever you do, don’t get in his car.

Social sex – Lucy Noble

She’s half of our new wonderfully enthusiastic social sex team! After a few awesome socials at the end of summer term, we all know we’ve got a LOT of FANTASBULISTIC socials to come this year!!! Cannot wait.

Social sex – Cory Percival

The manly half of the social sex dream-team. A real groover on the dancefloor, Cory is not to be missed. Don’t let this backstreet dancer out of your sights on the J-floor or he’ll be calling for a danceoff! Or worse: Baywatch.

Beginner Rep – Lindsaaaaaaay Smith

If you don’t admit to falling in love with her accent straight away, you’re kidding yourself. What with her 19 years of instructing windsurfing in VASS you can’t get much more pro than our northern munchkin! So if you’re a complete beginner have no fear you’re in very safe hands.

Beginner Rep – Jamie Oaten

Every week him and Linds will be taking a bunch of you keen beginners to our beginner windsurfing haven and training you up so you’ll be carve jibing in next to no time! What with this being his second year as one of our trusty beginner reps, you can count on Jamie “nice guy” Oaten to get you up and riding that wind before you can say “Doubleflaka!”

Events – Oliver “midget” Parker

After being our keeno Wavehead last year, Oli doesn’t have the heart to leave the committee family yet so he’s going to be filling our calenders to the brim with hotshotEVENTS! Watch this space…

Wavehead/Freestyle – Kai “the German” Britzke

Another never-guna-leave-because-I-love-SUWC-too-much committee member is our very own HermanTheGerman! aka Kai. Our past socialsex/treasurer is now blitzing our Wavehead position, you won’t find a more committed windsurfer if you tried! He’ll keep you in the know so if the wind is up, you’ll be the first ones riding it.

Web Geeeeeeek – Eloise Henderson

She’s just a nerd.