Committee 2009/10

Will (President)

Rides hard in any conditions on his trusty 5.4 and strapless board. Often loses the ability to speak when drunk. A fan of the ‘aquadump’ and passing out in the most uncomfortable places. Loves Beer-pong and calling Greeks malakas. Developing an extensive windsurf related injury list.

Sarah (Vice-President)

The loudest chica in the club and only rolls by all or nothing. Steer clear of her on the water but not in the bar, her downing skills remain unchallenged. Not a fan of taxis Sarah prefers to ride home in the back of riot vans. Loves to ride topless in RIBs.
George (Treasurer)

Once seen dressed up as Pamela Anderson while in a Muslim country. Has a high frequency of drunken injuries on nights out. Likes strapping explosives to innocent crabs in Wales. Be sure to check out his impressive flat peak collection. A sucker for a stick of well cooked meat.

Danny (Social Sex)

Not put off by gaping holes in his hands or wetsuit, a couple of rolls of duct tape later and he’s back to riding ‘bare-boom.’ Looks to nail the next move before mastering the last. Wakes up in hammocks with no idea how he got there. Uploads photos as he takes them so prepare to be tagged.

Jacqui (Social Slag)

The foreign blood running through SUWC, and the other half of team hangover. Coming all the way from Chile she always sends it hard around various Southampton establishments repping her home crew. Some say her hair is so red she can windsurf at night without the need for any sunlight.

Tom (Events Sec)

Prefers to crack the first beer as early as possible to try and fully erase any memories left from the night before. Anyone looking to get in on the kit sharing scene should speak to him. Likes to go on weekly outings with Grog to update their rock knowledge.


Greg/Grog/Grog-a-log (Beginner Rep.)


Can’t say his own name. King of sharking, often spotted outside various Southampton nightclubs dressed as a lady yet still manages to hook up. Would rather study rocks than windsurf in hot climates. Has strong links with UWE Windsurf club.


Rachel (Beginner Rep.)


Although the smallest member of the club, she knows how to go big. A gnarly shredder both on the water and on the dance floor. Spent the last year hanging out with Formula One racing drivers. Into excessive team bonding exercises.


  Pete (Poto) (Wave Head/Intermediate Rep.)


A big advocate of the perma-tan for that year round summer look. Some say his girlfriend is better at windsurfing than him. Will take you on a guided mountain bike ride round the best spots in Southampton.


  Tim (Bosun)


Occasionally mistaken by old men as being gay with George, hasn’t done much to shift this rep. Loves to max out on the neoprene accessories for that beach-gimp look. Often seen around Uni with a skateboard strapped to his bag, but never actually riding it.


Louise (Secretary)


Known for her gossiping skills Louise will be a fountain of knowledge this year when it comes to ‘club activities.’ Always a strong force on the fancy dress front and queen of the tack. Honed her skills last year on the infamous beginner trips down in Poole Harbour. 


  Ian (Web Geek)


coming soon!


Will (Rear Admiral)


A man of wise words in SUWC. Don’t ask him to tell you a story, don’t challenge him to a ‘dance off’ and don’t leave your luggage with him. Do ask him for the perfect fresher hangover cure located in the physics building.