Committee 2010/11

Jax (El President): The Original Token foreigner. Known to grope boobs during photo shoots, don’t let her size fool you, she has a mouth loud enough to be heard across the whole of poole harbour and some attitude to boot. Her red hair reflects the fire in her heart for windsurfing. Along with many good qualities brought from the mystic lands of chilli, Jax brings numerous eye catching hoodie to the team, hopefully this experience will be brought to this year’s club hoody!

Grog (Vice Pres): Use to be a bit of a sharker before but, he has found his one true love. His commitment to his life partner Ian is only equalled by his love for windsurfing. Keep your condoms safe around this one as he like munching them.

Ian (Treasurer): One half of the famous love duo ‘Grian’. Hogs committee positions as much as he captivates gregs heart. Part owner of the legendary DaRat board that haunts SUWC. In his spare time he enjoys waiting for louise on the toilet.

Rory (Beginner Rep): This Northern Monkey still manages to rope in ladies after having a sneaky vom, perhaps adding new meaning to the ‘tactical chunda’. His windsurf skills sky rocketed on the shores of Dahab and has his extensive notes to guide all the freshers

Rach (Beginner Rep): Beginners are like crack to this lady. We are trying to find a rehab for this addict, but her amazing fancy dress costumes keep confusing us.  A totally awesome windsurf chick and she is sure to get you jibing, tacking and planning your way to windsurf god status!

Serena (Social Sex): Eternal fresher. Pretty sure this girl could bring the mood up at a funeral with some energetic dancing. Serena brings the muscle to windsurfing from her days on the lacrosse team. This social sec knows how to have a good night out and is sure to organise many of these for the rest of us!

Kai (Social Sex): Chosen lifestyle: Toy boy. Proof that German efficiency is a myth, which makes him a perfect candidate for the relaxed SUWC lifestyle. If you want know about the sweet windsurfing spots in Germany, or how to party continuously for an indefinite amount of time, he’s your man.

Guro (Sexretary): Extreme whore (of sports). You’re sure to see this Norwegian beauty on a night out wherever you are. She is a keen note taker and enjoys the more colourful things in life, so prepare for some eye-poppingly bright e-mails.

Jarrod (Events Rep): Our secret weapon from a far off land of Bermuda. Don’t let his good looks and smooth charms fool you, he’s a Secret Oldie and has many years of windsurfing under his belt. Never believe him when he tells you his windsurfing level, he compulsively undersells himself. Don’t take your eyes off him for a minute, he’s a sneaky one.

Andy (Kit Master): After mastering several water sports he has turned his interests to windsurfing. Loves to hold guns (not just his arms). So committed to his committee job, he took it upon himself to live just across the river from the boat hard. You will struggle to see him not smiling and he feels naked without a hat.

Ellis (Wavehead): First appeared in our lives as the infamous Boom-Of-Doom. With his trusty longboard he can speed to any location that has rumours of high winds. Prefers the corner of his tent to a toilet and there are concerns about why he bleached his hair. Whenever the wind is a-howling, he will be the one to send you colourful emails and get you out there.