Avon Beach

Overview: Avon is a really fun place to go wavesailing, perfect for the novice wavesailor and a great place for some no consequences jumping practice. There is usually very little in the way of shorebreak here. In a very strong southwest gale it’s a good place to go as other wave beaches will be too heavy to sail in a full on gale. When it’s howling the waves will be smaller at avon and the shore break will be manageable.

Suitable for: Intermediates & Advanced

Best Wind Directions: SSW – WSW for Waves, SW for Slalom

Tides: Sailable at all stages of tide, at low tide the waves will go flat.

Local Knowledge/Warnings: Tidal currents running parallel to the beach.
When it is SW or SSW and very very windy, 30 knots + average. Everywhere else will be crumbling and big and generally horrible. Avon will be manageable and hengistbury head stretches out the wave period as the swell bends round it so it makes for some brilliant jumping.

Campus Commute: 45 mins

Local Windsurfing Shop: Spot on Water

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