Hayling Island – Jumping Nirvana

Overview:Launch from Hayling Seafront and sail west approx 1/2 mile into the channel between Portsmouth and Hayling, you may need to carry your kit across the sand bank. You will know when you reach it as you will be surrounded by considerably larger waves than the rest of the bay (if wind and swell are against tide they can be well over head high, and steep). On a southerly offers port tack cross-on jumping and backside wave riding.

Suitable for: Advanced

Best Wind Directions: Southerly

Tides: Only works on a dropping tide (as far as we know) best 1 hour past high water, once sandbanks start to show.

Local Knowledge/Warnings: If the spot is sailed on a falling tide, then because it is in the channel between Hayling Island and Portsmouth, there is a very strong tidal current directly out to sea, best sailed on a buddy/buddy system for safety.

Campus Commute: 40 mins

Local Windsurfing Shop: Andy Biggs

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