Hayling Island – Seafront

Overview: There are extensive sand banks up to a mile offshore making Hayling Seafront a great place to go windsurfing, at low tide on a south west or west, it’s a flat, shallow and sandy freestyle playground. At mid tide on south west it’s great for waves. These conditions are great for intermediates and people looking to get into waves with little danger. For advanced sailors brave enough to get through the heavy shore break you can get good starboard tack wave sailing on a dead southerly if you beat out to the sand banks. Another time for advanced sailors only is on a south east wind, you can get port tack jumping if it is really windy. Launch from the Inn on the beach end of the car park. The shore break is always big on this direction so do so at your own risk.

Suitable for: Intermediates – Advanced

Best Wind Directions: West through to South East.

Tides: It’s best not to sail here at high tide as the shorebreak is legendary and the sea state will be incredibly lumpy. Low and mid tide can be epic, waves and flat water at the same spot.

Local Knowledge/Warnings: Waves and/or Flat water depending on the state of the tide. The lower the tide the flatter the water.

Campus Commute: 40 mins

Local Windsurfing Shop: Andy Biggs

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