Overview: Hillhead consists of three launch spots, Monks Hill, Hillhead and Meon Shore. The main benefit of these spots is that on a south westerly the wind is accelerated as it funnels between the Isle of Wight and the Southampton side of the Solent. If the wind is light and SW then HIllhead is your best shot at getting a sail. The best time to sail here is during the summer if it’s a hot day and the forecast is for over 8 knots but not enough to plane, then it’s likely to get up to 5.2 weather thanks to the sea breeze funnelling. The effect is greatest at Meon Shore and least at Monks Hill

Suitable for: Intermediates, Advanced

Best Wind Directions: SW to SSW

Tides: Hillhead is sailable at any stage of tide. Avoid Meon Shore when the tide is going down as the current is ridiculous. Meon Shore is really good for freestyle and intermediates from low and with the tide coming in.  At this stage of the tide the water is flat and shallow and the bottom is sandy.

Local Knowledge/Warnings: In the summer, if it is sunny and hot, with about 10 to 15 knots of SW wind forecast. The sea breeze will work and it will probably be 5.2 weather at Meon Shore and 5.7 at Hillhead. If the tide is low or coming in then go to Meon Shore, if not then go to Hillhead.

Campus Commute: 30 mins

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