Overview: Kimmeridge Bay is great place to get into wave sailing, with some of the best wave sailing on the South coast.

Rigging area is on the SE corner of the bay next to the car park.

Click here to check if the firing range is in use.

Suitable for: Intermediates, Advanced

Best Wind Directions: NW, W for ledges, SW, S, E

Tides: You can sail at any point apart from dead low water

Local Knowledge/Warnings: There is a concrete slip way (left of rigging area) to launch from with no shore break on it. Sail half way across the bay from there then tack and sail out to the ledges to the east for lots of jumping and riding.

If they aren’t firing on the firing range you can sail up wind across the bay to broad bench (about a mile, 3-4 tacks, its a long swim back if the wind dies, been there, done that), this is where the fun really starts. Broad Bench is a big slab of flat rock sticking out into the sea shaping up beautiful peeling rights. On a NW day it will be side off heaven. The wave needs to be at least head high to be safe really otherwise it starts breaking too close on the bench and you bottom turn into rocks.

Campus Commute: 1hr 25mins

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